Physics of Nanosystems

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Quantum transport in 2D materials

Since the discovery of graphene, many other two dimensional van-der-Waals materials have been isolated. We aim to unravel novel quantum phenomena in these materials via charge transport at cryogenic temperatures. To this end we also tune the properties of our 2D systems, for example via electric fields or interfacing them with other 2D materials.


Charge transport in organic semiconductors

Organic semiconductors are of interest for use in energy harvesting and for transistor circuits in large-area electronic devices. In this context, the goal of our research is to add fundamental understanding of (opto-) electronic processes in organic materials. For example, despite the long history of research in organic semiconducting materials, there is still a debate about the prevailing charge transport mechanism. Via precisely controlling the morphology of organic small molecules and polymers, we aim to unravel the prevailing charge transport process occurring within organic semiconductors and across semiconductor heterojunctions.